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Vehicle Operation Supervision and Service:The industry solution provided by Cennavi for transportation in the field of vehicle operation supervision and service fully integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and visualization with the needs of the transportation industry to form enterprise-level solutions such as intelligent vehicle management, operation supervision and business empowerment.

Expressway Operation Supervision and Service:The industry solution provided by Cennavi for transportation industry in the field of highway operation supervision and service aims at specialization, informatization, intelligent monitoring and simplification of expressway maintenance, to comprehensively improves the level of expressway perception, supervision, operation and decision-making activities through overall convergence, global calculation and use of location big data platform, and to realize the business application goals to include all facilities into one map, to include all pedestrians and vehicles into one network, and establish a complex public service platform.
The construction of "one network" of expressways could realize interconnection of pedestrians, vehicles and roads, thus establishing a more complete, accurate, timely and efficient intelligent high-speed supervision system.
Transportation Management and Service:The industry solution provided by Cennavi in the field of transportation management and service could fully integrate and standardize their own data and third-party data, and provide users with operation monitoring and early warning, auxiliary decision analysis, safety emergency command and disposal, and public travel information services based on their own location big data platform.

Full-process and integrated emergency management: It could improve the emergency command and dispatch process mechanism and make clear the responsible subjects and operation processes and support the establishment of an emergency capability evaluation model, based on the guided auxiliary duty function of the disposal process library, in order to improve the accident prevention and traffic emergency disposal level.
Transportation and Management Service:One-stop comprehensive traffic information service: It could integrate multi-source information such as real-time road conditions, weather, service facilities, and provide the public with the dynamic traffic information for the “whole journey” via information release channels such as websites, mobile phone APP and WeChat public account.

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