Traffic Police Big Data Platform


The Traffic Police Industry Solution provided by Cennavi is designed to improve the urban road traffic management mechanism, strengthen the traffic management big data analysis, and build the closed-loop research and analysis system.

Traffic operation monitoring: It could improve data quality, realize overall accurate perception, and support comprehensive monitoring at levels of point, line and plane.

Urban traffic operation evaluation: It could comprehensively construct a traffic operation evaluation system at levels of point, line, plane and specific project, to realize the transition of command decision-making from the experience-based determination mode to the big data-based determination mode.

Overall traffic research and estimation: It supports to build a closed-loop research and analysis system, including congestion identification, situation research and estimation, traffic source tracing, cause analysis and research and estimation reporting.

Traffic safety precaution: It can provide data support for safety assurance through safety index monitoring, traffic accident analysis and estimation, vehicle arrangement for three-emergency safety hazards, vehicle travel analysis and prediction, etc.

Visualized command and dispatch: It enables the construction of an innovative command and dispatch system with an mechanism of “Information Gathering, Commanding, Serving, Supervising and Publicizing”, to realize accurate and efficient commanding and dispatching.

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