It also provides enterprise-level location intelligence solutions for Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, Tencent, Huawei, Science and Technology University.

Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office-Upgrading and Reforming of Poverty Alleviation Cloud

Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office-Upgrading and Reforming of Poverty Alleviation Cloud

    Customer Demand: Guizhou is the most arduous province for poverty alleviation, the main battlefield and decisive battlefield for poverty alleviation in the whole country. Precision poverty alleviation has become the first priority in the province. As a specific management and guidance unit for poverty alleviation, Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Office urgently needs to build a large data analysis and management platform based on GIS Technology to effectively manage the precise poverty alleviation work in the whole province. In addition, it can intuitively and completely express the problems and effects of poverty alleviation work in the context of large spatial and temporal data.

    Solution: Based on Minemap platform, it provides data service, map service and location application service of basic geographic information, supports business system from technical support layer, provides interaction, linkage and analysis with business system, and provides two kinds of business such as data analysis and application of poverty alleviation business based on PC, PAD and mobile phone, and data collection and application of poverty alleviation business. The application will provide all-round and multi-angle technical support for the precise poverty alleviation work.

    Value realization: A complete basic geographic information service platform and large data visualization platform have been set up for Guizhou Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, providing different application systems to meet their business characteristics for leaders, business managers and grass-roots customers, further improving the accuracy of poverty alleviation business and the richness of data visualization expression, and providing GIS public tools with full functions. To meet the requirements of location-based services in various future application scenarios.

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