New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Focus on Solving Key Problems in Five Major Directions in 2020


A few days ago, the Ministry of Science and Technology officially issued a notice to solicit opinions on the Application Guidelines for the first batch of projects in 2020 (major projects of "New-Generation Artificial Intelligence", a part of Science and Technology Innovation to 2030). It was reported that the overall objectives of this opinion soliciting activity are: (i) to promote the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence technology and its further integration with the economy and society as the main keynote, (ii) to continuously solve the problems in five major directions, i.e. big data intelligence, cross-media intelligence, group intelligence, hybrid enhanced intelligence and independent intelligence system, according to the two-step strategy, i.e. parallel development and leading development, (iii) to construct the ecological environment of knowledge group, technology group and product group at the four levels, i.e. basic theory, support system, key technology and innovation application levels, (iv) to seize the commanding heights in artificial intelligence technology field, (v) to properly deal with possible new problems and challenges, (vi) to promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, and (vii) to make artificial intelligence a powerful engine for development of intelligent economy and society.

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