Cheng Peng, CEO of NavInfo, Said Location Service Would Enable 5G-V2X to Accelerate Industrialization of Intelligent Automobiles


Recently, the 2020 China Intelligent Automobile Summit Forum with the theme of "Redefining 5G Connected Car Genes", jointly sponsored by Volvo Cars and Global Auto Media, was held in Shanghai.  Cheng Peng, CEO of NavInfo, delivered a speech at the forum and said that "the integration of 5G-based V2X vehicle infrastructure cooperation technology and related single-car intelligent technologies will definitely promote the further development and practical use of intelligent automobiles. In NavInfo, we have high-precision maps in one hand and high-precision location in the other hand, to enable 5G-V2X with location service, and support all things to be connected accurately, thus allowing communication and information sharing everywhere, and creating innovative solutions for the whole industry."

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